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Our People. Their voices.

"I work with passion and ethics to make a difference. Working in Intellera Consulting allowed me to invest on my competences to maximize the quality I offer both to clients and colleagues. I believe that the key to succeed lies behind team working and a model of “gentle management” that is attentive to relations, team building and respect of talents. A mode of co-working that yet consistently works on directing and achieving personal and team objectives". 

Matteo from our site in Milan

“When I began my Internship, I would of have never imagined to be able to invest so much time on my personal growth. During the selections for the Graduate Programme my voice did not go unheard, and my ambitions were valorized and respected. I had the luck to be chosen to take part to a formative structural path built ad hoc on me. In the next two years the challenge will be to transform my formative program that includes certifications, Digital/Tech, and Master courses, into a real opportunity to build my future."

Virginia from our site in Rome

We value our people

Value-driven professionals

Diversity is the strength of our organization. We construct relations based on trust and empathy and we behave with the due respect and correctness. 

Open-minded visionaries

We aspire at a working environment that is open and inclusive. We listen and learn from one another, and we believe that results can only be obtained via collaboration. 

Talent enhancers

We take care of the formation and growth of our talents in a system of meritocracy. We work so that our resources fulfill are aims and ambitions. 

Progress shapers

We are not driven by change, we actively drive change. We become promoters of a sustainable growth and face the challenges of our present times in view of the needed protection for future generations. 

Unconventional thinkers

We think out of the box and outside of traditional schemes. Our aim is to arrive to innovative solutions that bring added value to find solutions to the increasingly complex issues we are going to face.