Transformation is the Intellera Consulting service line that stands aside private firms and Public Administrations in their innovation processes concerning both the digital and the strategic and organizational transformation.

Evolution of the service delivery modes following a multi-canal and multi-device approach. Our aim is to provide our clients with an extensive collection of different services.

Digitalization of processes aligned with European level best practices, aimed at  supporting and facilitating the delivery of services for our clients.

Introduction of new organizational systems, also through the activation of virtual collaboration tools,  necessary for aligning the client’s competences with the newly introduced devices.

Reengineering of the back-office processes necessary for the implementation and the effective utilization of up-to-date IT tools.

Policy Innovation & Financial Instruments 

For more than 25 years we have been providing strategic and management consultancy services for central and local Public entities. We support the Public Administratins in the job of defining and solving the complexities that lie in Public Policies, with the objective of participating to the socio-economic development of the State.

Policies Analysis
& Evaluation

We aid the public entity throughout the designation of policies aimed at the construction of an inclusive and innovative society. This occurs thanks to a team of experts that offers consolidated competences in the scope of policies of Innovation, Education, Formation, Work, Inclusivity, 
Research, Security, Transport and Development of the Territory.

& Instruments

We support our clients in the programming and organization of development public investments. Consistently working on the definition of efficient models of multi-level governance and private-public sector collaboration. 

Managing Funds

We stand beside the Public Administration -central and local- in the various processes of organization, monitoring, and reporting.  The central part of the job regards the surveillance of Operational Programs co-financed by structural funds within European investment programs. We attentively drive our focus even on overseas events to commit our competences to the empowerment of the Public Administration.  


The area of Technology of Intellera Consulting supports businesses and organization thanks to disruptive technologies that incentivize the digital transformation and maximize the opportunities of the new digital innovations. Acting as a boost for the operative efficiency of services for citizens.