Our history

Our dare to innovate is strongly rooted


La nostra storia

Our Style

We are pioneers and innovators in strategic and management consultancy.  

Definition of digital and organizational strategies for Public Sector bodies.

Design and transformation of services, BPM (Business Process Management) and review of internal processes.

Organizational and Technological assessment and change management

Evaluation, programming and implementation of public policies for social and economic development.

We actively work along European Union Institutions and Bodies on development, digitalization and public services performance measurement initiatives.

We are a team of approximately 700 experts with long-standing knowledge on multiple industrial sectors in national and international markets. Thanks to our team of experts, we offer excellence in professional services for institutions, administrations and businesses.

Over 40% of our personnel has achieved the primary certificates in Project Management



TL Foundation 

MS Dymamics Sure Step 


ACTP – ICF Coach 

Lead Auditor ISO 9001/2000/27001

Agile Coach 
& Scrum Master 

Who we are

Talent and Career

Integrity and constant professional growth are at the core of our environment and constitute the roots of our organization. We constantly invest in recruitment and professional education programmes, stimulating the creation of new synergies and competences for all our professionals. 

Inclusivity and Integration

Horizontal competences, soft skills and focus on excellence are the key elements that characterize our organization.

Quality and Impact

Our efforts are oriented to guarantee a positive impact on growth, development and added value.

Our Key Competences

We have a long-term experience in the implementation of digital transformation initiatives.

Definition of development strategies

  Organization and Re-organization of complex processes

 Governance activities for public bodies

Our achievements in the last 5 years





Different countries in the world



Business Areas

Healthcare, welfare, utilities

We are used to develop several projects of a different nature and level of complexity. These projects concern primarily:

Central Administrations 

Local Administrations 

Other Public Organizations


Our voice

"When I began my Internship, I would have never imagined to be able to invest so much time on my personal growth. During the selections for the Graduate Programme my voice did not go unheard, and my ambitions were valorized and respected. I had the luck to be chosen to take part to a formative structural path built ad hoc on me. In the next two years the challenge will be to transform my formative program that includes certifications, Digital/Tech, and Master courses, into a real opportunity to build my future."

 Virginia from our site in Rome